Busy Season doesn’t have to be a busy season.

Our platform helps Canadian tax accounting practices manage their clients & workflows more efficiently so they can take back control of their calendars.

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A screenshot of Taxana's portal software showing the Tax Period pageA screenshot of Taxana's portal software showing the Entities pageOutline of Canada

It’s 10 PM. Does your client know where their documents are?

As an accountant, you might spend a lot of time doing tasks that don't add value, like finding files or reminding clients about deadlines. Our platform helps make these tasks easier, so you can focus on what's important.

A screenshot of Taxana's portal software showing the Tax Period page

Taxana is practice management & client portal software for Canadian tax accounting firms.

With Taxana, you can keep track of client information, store files, and automate reminders. It's like having an assistant that helps you get things done faster and easier. Plus, our software is designed to use your branding, so it looks like a natural extension of your firm's online presence.

A screenshot of Taxana's portal software showing the Entities page

Data residency: did you know?

Have you ever wondered where the online services you use store your clients' data and files? If they're stored in the US, your information falls under US jurisdiction and could put your clients at risk. That's why our platform stores your data in Canada, where it's protected by strong security and privacy laws like the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA).

Outline of Canada

Your new favourite clients.

Taxana makes dealing with the most challenging clients easier.

The Procrastinator

Who they are

They perpetually promise to “get it to you by tomorrow.” Before you know it, it’s deadline day.

How Taxana helps

Automated reminders help keep your clients on track, while real-time statistics let you see exactly where each tax return is in your pipeline.

The Trickler

Who they are

Come tax season, they send you their tax documents as they get them, spaced over a dozen different emails.

How Taxana helps

Clients are free to upload their documents as they see fit. You only get notified once they submit everything for review.

The Worrier

Who they are

This client is kept up late at night by the fear of having missed something. Maybe they better follow up with you, just in case.

How Taxana helps

Clients always have access to the portal, where they can check which files they’ve uploaded and the status of their returns.

The Demander

Who they are

They are closing on a new mortgage and need their tax documents from two years ago, now. Make it snappy.

How Taxana helps

The client portal is open 24/7, 365 days a year. Your clients can instantly access and download their files without you having to get involved.

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Here's a taste of what you get when you use the #1 portal for Canadian accounting firms.

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Canadian Residency

Get peace of mind knowing your client data is stored securely in Canada. If you use a service that puts customer data or files in a different country, that data is subject to the laws of where it’s stored.

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Automated Workflows

Save precious time managing your work. From client reminders to filing deadlines, our platform ensures you have more time to focus on the high-value areas of your business.

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File Storage

We house your files securely on our own servers, where only you and your clients have access to them. There’s no need to connect to a third-party storage provider like Dropbox.

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Client Portal

Save hours of administrative time per client by allowing them to securely upload and access their documents and data online. Tasks can be completed straight from your own custom mobile app, too!

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Business Visibility

Track exactly where each entity is in the filing process, ensuring nothing slips through the cracks. Gain insights into your firm’s performance with real-time analytics.

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Enhanced Security

Our platform is backed by industry-standard security protocols and best practices. All data is encrypted in transit and at rest. Two-factor authentication is built in for added peace of mind.

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Client Management

Easily keep track of your clients' info, documents, and tasks, all in one place. Make sure nothing falls through the cracks with automated notifications and reminders.

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Custom Branding

Our software is an extension of your firm and the services you offer. To both your team and your clients, the portal integrates seamlessly into your online presence.

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Speak with us to find out how Taxana can help make running your Canadian tax accounting firm a breeze.

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